July 29, 2016

#098: How to Help Potential & Existing Patients Understand the Value of Your Practice

How to Help Potential & Existing Patients Understand the Value of Your Practice

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Quote of the day: “Once you have commitment, you need the discipline and hard work to get you there.” - Haile Gebrselassie

1. Use Your Waiting Room

Try using your waiting room as a way to differentiate your office. If you want to create a luxury atmosphere, consider some massage chairs and flatscreen TVs. If you have a sports centered community, transform your waiting room into a sports centered area. An example is a pediatric office that had a huge fish tank and a large treehouse for kids to play in while they waited. Put some brochures and newsletters in the waiting room to show some value.

2. Use Target Marketing

Target marketing is when you know exactly who your ideal patient is and you go after them in a way they want to be communicated with. How much more effective is it for your advertisements to be seen by your ideal patient which is, as an example, a 35 year old business owner making 100k a year, who owns a home and has a family versus having your ad seen by everybody in Las Vegas? Cater directly to your ideal patient’s needs and wants.

3. Use Email Marketing

This is a great way to directly target a specific market and a great way to implement marketing campaigns! Email is a great way to remind patients about appointments, but it’s also a great way to keep your name at the front of your patients’ minds. It can be an avenue for you to show that you’re human and that your office cares. If you make it easy for your patients to come in and set up an appointment or you’re able to accommodate their schedules, they’ll remember it and value it.

4. Engage & Market To Your Existing Patients

You should know who your existing patients are and should be able to develop some demographics from them (such as areas of town, things they’re coming in for, etc.) and target that. Use that information to directly market to them. Ask them what’s most important to them and use that information to influence your blog posts and more.

5. Attract Referrals

Build more relationships with other medical professionals. Establish more relationships and get in front of more doctors and more patients. As you do this, your potential patients will see your relationship with a doctor that they might already be comfortable with which will positively influence their decisions. Try sending holiday cards or gifts, providing lunches, sending thank you notes, and other methods to establish more relationships with other medical professionals.

6. Use Internet Marketing

There’s a ton of potential in internet marketing! If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place, you’re going to have a hard time in attracting the patients that you want. You need a strong website, strong social media presence, and you should be easily searchable for your potential patients. Online presence might be all that a potential patient knows about you before setting up an appointment. Don’t take it lightly!

7. Always Maintain Positivity

Make sure that the attitude in the office and appearance of the office is positive. Make sure your patients are greeted in a friendly manner and by name. Ensure that the office is clean and has a warm atmosphere. You want your patients to go back home and be wowed by the experience they had in your office. Ideally, you want them to write a glowing review! Positivity in your office will make a difference.

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