July 8, 2016

#095: How to Create an Effective Ad for Your Practice

How to Create an Effective Ad for Your Practice

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Quote of the day: “There are no shortcuts to places worth going.” – Beverly Sills

1. Social Proof

Every ad that you have should have some type of testimonial that is relevant to the service that you’re offering. You don’t want to spend money on marketing without social proof that shows that you’ve done what you’re advertising and that people are happy with the results. If you don’t have a testimonial, go out and get one!

2. Use Clean Design with Whitespace

You don’t want to have a cluttered design and be the person that tries to fit every single service, testimonial, and offer on your ad. If it’s a postcard or a money mailer, make it clean. In most situations, less is more. Generally, the more cluttered the ad, the less likely people are to read them.

3. Use Benefit-driven Copy

This lets people understand the benefit that they’re going to get from working with you. You’ll want to portray what services you’ll provide, but you want to show them the benefit that they’ll get personally. If they can imagine how their life will improve from working with you, the ad will be much more effective.

4. Easy to Understand Offers

Every ad that you have (digital or print) should have some type of offer. They should include some kind of obvious special that people don’t have to look for.

5. Test Multiple Offers vs. One Offer

Find out which method works best in your market. Develop different ads with multiple offers and ads with a single offer and test which one works best.

6. Have Photos of Patients

If you can include photos of actual patients (with their permission), your audience will have an easier time imagining themselves in the same position which will increase the success of your campaign.

7. Review the Headline

Make sure your headline is compelling and isn’t just basic and generic. The headline needs to attract people towards the rest of your ad and should generate an interest in your business.

8. Tracking Phone Number

This is crucial to monitor the success of the campaign. The phone number should be unique to the ad that you’re sending out. Later, you can use that phone number to track the ROI of the campaign. From there, you can see how many calls you’re getting and the overall success of the campaign.

9. Have a Deadline

You need to include a deadline so that people have a compelling reason to call you. This has been proven time and time again. If people have a certain time to get something done by, they’ll be more likely to call. You can help them by including the deadline on the ad in many different ways. Examples would include “Offer expires on the 31st of this month!” or “Offer valid for the first 21 patients!”.

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