May 13, 2016

#087: Why a Thank You Page is Important

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Quote of the Day: “You create your own opportunities.”

A Thank You page is a page that you redirect people to after they visit a landing page or fill out a form on your website.

Build Trust

According to survey from Demand Gem – 97% of B2B buyers said that they gave more credence to content that includes user generated feedback & peer reviews. The Thank You page is one of the best places for you to include your feedback and user reviews. You can include reviews from patients who have already been to your practice which helps to build trust with a client who has yet to come in. Building trust through reviews, testimonials, accreditations, awards you’ve won is really important. Including the reviews on your Thank You page is a great way to ensure that they get a chance to see the reviews and the awards you’ve earned. You can also try including a video of yourself giving the client an overview of what to expect next as videos are incredibly effective at building trust.

Talk About Your Services

Customize the Thank You page so that it is tailored toward what the lead has just contacted you about. For example, a lead fills out a form for some counseling services to help with some marriage issues at your office. On your Thank You page you can include a short message about the Top 10 reasons counseling works (or doesn’t work) or links to your most recent blog posts on that topic. You can provide additional value on the Thank You page that reinforces what they were just requesting information on.

Connect with Them

Thank You pages allow you to connect with clients who are requesting additional information. You can include links to your social media or prompt a visitor to subscribe to your newsletter. Including links to social media, relevant blog posts, or subscription prompts on the Thank You page is much more effective than placing those links on other areas of your site.

Allow them to Explore

 When they are redirected to the Thank You page, remember to include the navigation menu so that visitors can check out other areas of your site without having to type in your URL or cycle through the back button. Make it easy for them to get back to where they started.

Increase the ROI for Every Interaction

You could just say “Thanks for filling out our form!” but it doesn’t give the person who contacted you any further information about your business and it doesn’t build a relationship with them. Provide some social proof or some additional information by having an additional Call to Action (CTA). This could be in the form of a free report or even a coupon after they provide a little more information. It allows you to provide value to them and further establish a relationship with them.

If you need assistance with creating a Thank You page, contact us today so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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