May 6, 2016

#086: How to get started with Content Marketing

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Quote of the day: “Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting.” – Christopher Morley

Content marketing is marketing your practice through content like blog posts, videos, and more.

Start Blogging

First, head to for some information on how to blog and why it’s so important to blog. We’ll help you figure out how to measure your blog’s traffic, promote it, and generate traffic. Blogging is a fantastic way for you create content and get people to your site. It’s a place on your website where you can write content that’s relevant to your practice. Here are some ways to leverage your blog:

Keyword Research: Determine what people are searching for and how to integrate those keywords into your blog posts. For more information on keywords and how to use them, check out our blog post!
Custom Graphics: You can create graphics for each blog post or you can create infographics that are unique and shareable.
Share Your Posts: Share your posts on social media and with others in your industry.
Call to Action: Request more information, ask visitors to leave their feedback, comments, and thoughts. Traffic doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistent writing (at least 1-2 posts a week).

Repurpose Your Content

Take a blog post that you wrote and use it in a different way. Don’t just plagiarize somebody’s post, or use exact, word for word versions of your old posts, publishing them anywhere you can find.. Create a Slideshare or PowerPoint presentation that’s a summary of your blog posts. Maybe you created a beautifully researched white paper with some statistics, turn that into a blog post or even an infographic! Make sure that you are using stuff that will remain relevant and won’t be considered outdated. Common sites to share your infographics on include Pinterest and

Show Some Personality

You don’t want your content to sound unhuman. Be shocking, controversial, or just share some of your personality! Try expressing a strong opinion, even an unpopular one. Remember that people don’t want to hear from robots. Humanize yourself, your content, and your practice. Don’t be extremely opinionated on political pieces or go on rants, but be sure to show who you are.

If you’re thinking about starting up a blog, check out our free report at This free report will show you how to get started with blogging and the best ways to implement your blog!
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