April 1, 2016

#081: Why Doctors Should Use Visual Content to Market Their Services

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Quote of the day: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” – Ronal Reagan

For more information on this topic, be sure to check out our blog post on How Dentists Can Use Visual Content To Improve Their Online Presence.

Use Photos:

Place photos of your office and staff on your website. These will help people become more comfortable and trusting of you before they come see you. Before and after photos can showcase some of the work that you do. Including images in your blog posts can improve search rank engine results. Including photos on Facebook will improve your profile as it’ll be recognized as more complete. Using photos in marketing emails, with Facebook ads, and on Instagram will help to build your brand and tell a story within seconds!

Use Video:

Get a YouTube channel and create short videos on an iPhone or Android and post them to your channel. You can create videos of you answering frequent questions that your staff gets, videos of some of your work, videos of your staff and office, or anything that offers insight into your business! If you’d like to know more about using video in your practice, check out our blog post on How Dentists Can Use YouTube To Get More Patients.

Other Visual Content:

Some other kinds of visual content would include Infographics. Infographics tell a story using statistics and numbers and they’re usually a really nice way to get across bits of information. You can also use animated GIFs, comics, and memes which you can make shareable on social media.

Things to Avoid Using Directly on Your Website:

Avoid including every single one of the items listed above on your business’ website. You’ll want to share things like Infographics and GIFs or memes on social media. Including all of the above directly on your site will lead to slow load times and a bad user experience. Be sure to avoid using Flash on your website – it’s older technology and it’s not very friendly to the search engines!

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