March 4, 2016

#077: How Can I Tell How Many Visitors to My Website I Get?

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Quote of the day: “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on!” – Sheryl Sandberg

Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics will tell you how many visitors you’re getting to your site. It helps create a big overall picture of the traffic to your website. It will tell you the page that people landed on, where people are physically located, where your traffic is coming from, and ton of other information.

To Get Started: Go to Google Analytics and create an account. You will get a snippet of code to put on your website and the software will start tracking from there.

Useful Perks: Google Analytics will allow you to set up goals and will help you to determine how well your marketing efforts are doing. This information is useful in setting up your automated marketing campaigns and will ensure that when someone comes to your site, they’re presented with information that’s relevant to them. For more information on automated marketing, check out our blog post.

Create Dashboards: With Google Analytics, you can create Custom Dashboards. Dashboards give you a quick snapshot of the traffic that is coming to your site along with other information, depending on your preferences. Your dashboards can tell you how long people stay on the pages they’re on and what the most popular pages on your site are.

Set up Goals: You can set up goals in Google Analytics that will allow you to keep track of how you’re your website is doing in categories that matter to you. An example of a goal would be: someone opts in to a free report that you offer on your website. If someone opts in, then the goal is completed.

Even if you don’t set up a private dashboard, you can still get a lot of good information!

Check out some of these tips below:

In Google Analytics, go to Audience > Mobile. This will tell you how many people are coming from different devices. Many people estimate that over 50% of internet traffic is from mobile devices. If you notice that your site has a huge amount of mobile traffic, maybe it’s time to look into optimizing your website to be compatible with both desktops and mobile devices!

Go to Acquisition > All traffic > Source medium. This will tell you where you traffic is coming from which is useful in understanding how well your marketing efforts are doing.

To compare traffic, head to the top-right corner and click on Preceding 30 Days. A box will show up that says Compare to and it will allow you to see the differences in traffic compared to a previous period or year. This is interesting and helps you determine why your traffic may not be as high as it used to be, will help to identify seasonal behaviors, or will help you determine why you’re getting more traffic compared to previous months or years.

If you’re curious to watch the difference in traffic after you start blogging, we suggest waiting around 6-12 months to get an accurate representation. If you’re interested in finding out more about building a blog, check out Episode 75: How To Find The Time To Build And Maintain A Blog.

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