January 22, 2016

#071: How to Create an SEO Strategy for Your Business

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Motivation: “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

How to Create an SEO Strategy for Your Business

Keyword Analysis

When you’re doing your keyword analysis, you’ll want to identify what the most obvious and relevant keywords are in relation to your business. If you’re an orthodontist in Las Vegas, an example of a “broad” keyword would be: Las Vegas orthodontist.

Once you’ve identified the broad keywords, you’ll want to pair them with more specific ones.

Specific keywords are referred to as “longtail keywords”. Here are some examples: “the best Las Vegas orthodontist, “reviews of Las Vegas orthodontist”, and “orthodontist near sunrise”.

Ranking for specific keywords is beneficial since they won’t be as competitive as broad keywords and people who are looking up those specific keywords are closer to buying.

Here are of the important tools mentioned:

Google AdWords
Google Search Console

Local SEO

Getting your website to show up for geographically specific search results is really important. Ideally, you’ll want to show up on the first 3 listings that show up on the map (located to the right of the search results on Google).

To do this, have your Google My Business page set up and optimized properly.

Make sure that your name, address, phone number, and website is consistent on every page that it’s listed.

Keep track of where your citations have been created and make sure that your business information is the same across the board.

For more information on Local SEO, check out the links below:

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Content Creation

Blog posts and video marketing are different types of content that can help you establish a relationship with your clients even before they visit your practice.

You want to produce new content on a regular basis to keep visitors interested and to establish an online presence.

For more information, check out our blog post on how to get your blog started.

Link Building

Link Building is when someone references your website and makes a clickable link that leads to your website.

You want to be mentioned and linked to on relevant blogs and websites, especially from local businesses and organizations. Some examples would be: local newspapers, local businesses, and community events that your business participates in.

Social Media

Being active in your offline community is just as important as being active in the online community when creating an SEO strategy for your website.

Google will try to use as many factors as possible when retrieving information about your business. They’ll want to see your business interacting with the community which can include putting out good information, having an established presence online and offline, and engaging with the online and offline community via Social Media.
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