October 9, 2015

#056: 7 Ways Doctors Can Use Social Media to Get More Patients

In this episode, Tyson talks about social media and how a doctor can use it to get more patients.

What was discussed?

•    The quote for the day is: "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." — Napoleon Hill
•    #1: Connect. Create a page and promote it. Make sure that people know about that page.
•    #2: Create a schedule and then follow it. A social media schedule will help you know exactly what you're going to be posting about. Spend an hour at the beginning of the month and create potential status updates that you're going to use, including images, links, etc.
•    #3: Engage. Create content and interact. Make sure you reply to questions as soon as possible, be available.
•    #4: Go above and beyond with your content creation. This will separate you from the others. You create something really awesome and post it to your wall and people talk about it.
•    #5: Don't go dark, stay active. You don't have to be the most social person out there, but don't throw your hands in the air and give up.
•    #6: Use social media as a place to provide value, not to promote. Nobody likes social media platforms that only give out offers, without providing solutions.
•    #7: When you promote something, make it an amazingly awesome value. If you make an offer, make it extremely attractive.

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