June 26, 2015

#041: 8 Internet Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make

In this episode, Tyson talks about the 8 common Marketing mistakes that dental practices are making. Learn what they are and so you can make the steps to correct them.

What was discussed?

·Quote for the day: “Believe you can and you are half way there”. -Theodore Roosevelt.

8 internet marketing mistakes dental practices make:

o   Giving mixed messages.

o   Failing to listen to potential patients

o   Failing to utilize mobile websites

o   Not having a high converting website

o   Being afraid to try new things

o   Lack of SEO knowledge

o   Lack of Social Media presence

o   Putting all your marketing eggs in one basket

·Patients want to be heard. Listen to them and communicate with them.

·Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

·Branch out, take risks, and create more options.

·Have a good basic knowledge of SEO.

·Be aware of potential clients on Social Media.

·Never invest in a single marketing strategy. Diversify your marketing strategies.

Become a Dental Specialist

Learn more about the use of Social Media

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