October 24, 2014

#006: Everything Google My Business. Setting it up, and Optimizing it.

Today’s episode of The 10 Minute Healthcare Marketing Podcast is all about Google My Business. Google My Business, previously Google Places and Google + Local is perhaps one of the best ways that a doctor can get noticed online and get more patients. It is the first thing I typically will work on with my clients because it can give such great results.

What was discussed?

  • Motivational quote for the day is “Life is good.”
  • Previously called Google My Places, also known as 7 pack or Google results.
  • Learn how to list your business at Google Places.
  • Use a domain email address to register at Google My Business.
  • Fill out the information accurately.
  • Your Website URL should be the same as the address in the search browser (example: www.mywebsite.com or mywebsite.com)
  • Promote your page, create quality content, and link to other people or other social media platforms to increase visibility.

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